Homecoming Take 2!

So the hubby returned from his second deployment about two weeks ago. Yay!!

I was pretty exhausted this time around with being 39 weeks pregnant so I didn’t make it a huge deal like I would have liked to but I tried to do a little bit!

I got a bunch of his favorite snacks, his milk, cereal, etc. so he would have all his creature comforts.

He left for training a week before I found out we were pregnant. He was gone for about 8 weeks and returned home for weeks 11 to 17. We found out the gender two days before he deployed.

When he left I was still skinny, trying to pretend that some bloat was really a baby bump, even though I didn’t “pop” for another six weeks or so.

So in honor of his return, and the whole him missing a lot of things, that inspired these. I made two signs, one to go in front of the house and the other to take with me to the airport. My mom posed as the photographer for this go-round. I also found a pretty cute maternity dress that I thought showed off the bump, since he had never seen it in person!

In front of the house I posted this:  IMG_1436

Kind of hard to read but says: You’re getting’ 1 hyper dog, 1 needy cat, 1 Mama ready to pop, 1 baby ready to be born. Welcome home! (Home is actually a sad drawing of our house.)

I know it’s not beautiful but I tried to paint this on the back of our truck bed…with a huge basketball like belly in my way, so it is what it is!

Pinterest sort of failed me with signs and quotes, I had a hard time finding ones that were specific to my situation. There were a lot of come meet your baby signs, but the baby was still four days away so that wouldn’t work!

Here’s the other sign I made, and this came to the airport with me.


More posts to come later but I thought I’d share my fun signs! I seriously don’t have an artistic bone in my body so this is pretty much as good as it gets for me!

Have a good weekend!


Everything has changed…:

On Friday the 8th of May my wonderful husband came home! After 5 months apart it was wonderful to have my other half back!

I thought that was a huge change.

Then Tuesday May 12th came around. Early that morning accompanied by my husband and mom we checked into the hospital.

At 8:17 that morning my entire life changed when my miracle rainbow baby entered the world.

I kept telling my husband that I was nervous because I could not picture this future at all. I knew it was happening but I couldn’t imagine it with any type of visual.

But there he was, my perfect baby. We both came through the surgery safely and I had my 7lbs 3oz, 21.5 inches bundle of joy.

He is six days old now…and we have never been more exhausted and never ever happier.

We feel like we are complete now. Fighting through infertility we clearly knew we wanted children, but we had no clue how much we were missing little Logan Wesley. Sometimes I feel like life before him never existed.

Hoping to post more soon, but for now I’m learning to be a mommy, sleeping, and enjoying as much time with my family as possible.  


So far this month….

I’m far too tired to have anything really exciting to say.

Anyone have good challenges or DIY projects for the month?

Share with me, maybe I’ll get some energy and inspiration!


Goodbye April!

April has been a crazy month….

But I’m glad it’s (almost) over! And Happy Draft Day!

Saying goodbye to April today with heading to the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron and I’m pumped! Anyone else going to see it this weekend?

I shared this video on my personal Facebook page the other day….if you haven’t seen it you need to. I can’t even look at Hawkeye the same lol.

Also a big thanks to everyone who supported and read my posts during National Infertility Awareness Week, I greatly appreciate it.

On to May, which will be even crazier! I will post updates when I feel like it. :)

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your April! What are you looking forward to in May? (Besides May the Fourth be with you)


You Are Not Alone – Infertility and having more children

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and my whole pregnancy has been well, crazy.

I saw this great article a few weeks back and I wanted to share it and talk about it for a moment.

People make comments about how they’re sure I can’t wait to be done since pregnancy is so awful, etc. (I’ve blogged elsewhere about comments like this if you’d like to see more). There have been comments about…well what did you “really” want in regards to me having a boy, or before we knew what we were having. This is all besides the point.

Another question I’ve been asked is about what birth control I’ll be going on after, how long we want to wait to try again, etc.

But the thing I feel like most people don’t understand is that…we have come to terms with the fact that there is a very good chance this is going to be our one and only child.

Even now it’s a painful question when asked about our future family plans — and it is no one’s business.

After a miscarriage and two and a half years of fertility treatments, five medicated cycles – including 3 IUIs, we’ve been through a lot already. We are so grateful for our little miracle we have on the way. But the sheer exhaustion, both physically and emotionally of going through fertility treatments was hard enough on just me and my husband. I can’t imagine having a small child and going through all of that again.

I know the physical effects that the medications had on me was hard. I was exhausted, temperamental, clingy and a whole slough of other emotions. Plus the two week waiting window, both to ovulate and to find out if it had worked or not, combined with several appointments a week…I can’t imagine dragging a toddler through all of that.

Maybe I’ll feel really differently when our son is two or three years old and feel that we can all handle it. But I may not.

Plus the fact that when our son is a few months old, I will be moving away from the wonderful team of doctors I had.

Yes I realize that we would be making the conscious decision to not have more children but beyond that it’s the decision to not put ourselves and especially our child, through what was the most difficult journey we have ever been on.

For the meantime, we will enjoy these last few weeks of this pregnancy and our time with our sweet baby, who we are so excited to meet.