40 bags in 40 days, Week 5 Update

I’m a day late with this update…oops! After last week’s post I was feeling pretty good, finally getting my re-organizing and decluttering back on track!

This week, week 5 of my 40 bags in 40 days Challenge, hasn’t been quite as productive but I’m still making progress.

I scheduled three days in a row to work on the garage. I mentioned in my post last week that I was ahead by a day after clearing out all our recycling and getting a corner cleaned up. The other two days were a bit of a pipe dream. It’s pretty organized as is. I do have a pile that I’ll either be trying to re-sell or donating, so I left that alone. There’s too much stuff for me to be trying to load it into the truck and carry it into the donation center. I’ll have the hubby help me with that on a different day. :)

Other items on this weeks list were to clean up and sort through all of my jewelry. I’m not a big jewelry wearer. I have a couple necklaces I rotate on a daily basis. And a few things that Wes has bought me that I wear or wear for a special occasion. But then I have a ton of items, specifically earrings, that I’ve had since I got my ears pierced around the age of 13. So it was definitely time do some purging!

I also had clearing out books on my list. We’d done this a few months ago so I did a quick look of all my books to see if there was anything else I was ready to let go of.

Finances were scheduled this week as well. This included getting taxes done (which I did last week!) It also including reviewing our bills, budget and setting up a couple financial goals.

The last item for the week was to clean up my coat closet that’s downstairs. We have no use for coats here…and since we’re 95% certain as to where and when we’re moving, I can’t anticipate needing them anytime soon. So I’m taking all those and getting them stored into space bags. I also keep extra dog and pet supplies in there so I will be purging those and cleaning all that up. I’m also keeping some baby stuff in there, like the 25 bibs I’m the proud owner of…since I figure most bibs should be closer to the kitchen?

Once I space bag everything I’ll have a ton of room to store any baby stuff that I’d like to leave downstairs. I meant to do this yesterday…but after I had an ant problem in my kitchen yesterday morning, I suddenly felt the need to scrub my entire kitchen. Which lead to me deep cleaning my bathroom.

So the coat closet is happening today!

My regularly scheduled task for today, to start off this week, was to clean out all the junk in my truck, which is already done! My task for tomorrow is done as well! Looks like I’m off to a great start!

How’s your challenge going? Is your housing looking decluttered?


Oreo bite balls

So I needed to make a little dessert for this weekend but didn’t want anything too messy to eat, or labor intensive to make. So my friend gave me a great suggestion, so I decided to test it out.


8 oz cream cheese (regular or whipped)

1 package of Oreo cookies

2 cups of chocolate chips

1 tbsp shortening


Soften your cream cheese.

Crush your Oreos. I decided to put mine in a baggy and smash them with a metal mallet. I’m sure there are other equally effective ways of doing this — but mine was way fun.


Next combine your cream cheese and oreos.


Chill in the freezer for two hours.

Roll oreo mixture into bite sized, or slightly larger balls.


Put back into freezer to chill.

Why these are firming up, melt your chocolate and shortening. You can use the microwave, a double boiler or any other means necessary.


Once your chocolate is melted, roll the Oreo bites to coat fully in the chocolate. This was a bit of a disaster for me as I tried to use toothpicks and I kept deforming and mushing the bites. So I rolled them around with the spatula and scooped them out with a spoon, they turned out much better that way!

As you pull out the bite, but it on some wax paper. Put them in the fridge to chill until hardened.


Eat and enjoy!

I made some tweaks from the original recipe I was given. The original didn’t have you chill after you rolled them into a ball and I think that’s why they didn’t hold up well when I tried to coat in chocolate so it could use an extra cooling.

I also think I ground up my Oreos too much. It would have been nice to have a few more chunks in there. And I might consider adding a little cool whip to them next time as they were quite dense. But they tasted really good!


My ode to Cinderella

So I went and saw the live-action Cinderella on opening day with some of my awesome friends, and I feel now it’s time to share my thoughts.

Opening night of Cinderella!

Opening night of Cinderella!

I flat out loved it.There is nothing I don’t love about this movie except that I can’t instantly rewatch it.

The costumes were amazing. The make up was incredible. And Disney really did a good job in doing a remake of their original film while still encompassing so much more. Check out this link about how this Cinderella was modernized a bit. This sums up a lot that I didn’t want to touch on because this would have gone on FOREVER.

The CGI mice were absolutely adorable.

Lily James made a wonderful Cinderella, even though I will forever have an issue with someone who has eyebrows and hair that don’t match, that’s besides the point.

She was sweet and charming and I really felt for her. The definitely dipped into her parents story and relationship, versus it being glossed over in the 1950’s version.

Cate Blanchett was truly wicked as the evil stepmother, Lady Tremaine. She deserves and award because she was absolutely ferocious. And she looked fabulous while doing it.

The step sisters (Sophie McShera and Holliday Graingerwere evil tittering morons and did a great job of being obnoxious.

Then, there was Richard Madden. Sigh. He was lovely, and beautiful. And had some of the most magnificent blue eyes I have ever seen. If you have ever seen my husband…he has the best blue eyes ever and I am a total sucker for blue eyes. But he made a great prince. Plus I love Game of Thrones so I was probably going to be sold on him anyways. Come back Robb Stark, come back!

Some other smaller roles that they totally nailed was the Fairy Godmother played by (gasp!) Helena Bonham Carter (aka Bellatrix Lestrange). When I found out they cast her I was beside myself. I will NEVER see her as anything besides Bellatrix…even though she was incredible in Les Mis, I struggled the entire movie. She is Bellatrix. And that right there makes me want to punch her. But I tried my best to put that aside the whole time she was on screen. It was worth it. She was quirky and fun and her make up was phenomenal. She definitely brought some comedy and lightheartedness to things.

Another addition I loved was the role of the Captain played by Nonso Anozie. He’s been in a few things but I recognized him from Game of Thrones. He was great as the Captain and reminded me of a fierce but kind teddy bear, and I really felt like he needed a hug. I love that they made changes to allow different races and nationalities a place in this fairy tale kingdom, I thought that was a great change made by Disney.

And the last actor I’d like to discuss was the Grand Duke. It bothered me the ENTIRE movie because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out who he was. It drove me nuts. But right after it was over, it finally clicked. The Grand Duke is played by Stellan Skarsgård who is in Thor, Marvel and Pirates of the Caribbean. He was conniving and controlling and did it so well!

Besides the cast was the movie itself. It looked absolutely incredible on screen. And they definitely tipped their hats to the 1950’s version. There’s a moment where James gives a brief nod to the Sing Sweet Nightingale song which was a great little edition that, as a big Cinderella fan, was nice to hear just for a moment.

Some changes I thought were interesting, like the use of lizards as the footmen. I thought that was a bit odd but I rolled with it. I had hoped for a bit more singing and was a little disappointed. At the end James does sing, but it’s not one of the original songs. It was nothing I recognized except something that was used earlier in the film. I had hoped for a rendition of A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, or So This Is Love. Can Richard Madden sing? Not sure, but it would have definitely made my day if one of those had appeared.

I did see this post on Facebook by the Cinderella official Facebook page today, which has James singing A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes. Enjoy!

Let’s talk about the costumes. The Cinderella ball dress was outstanding. I’m not so sure about the butterflies, but I still loved it.

2015dress 1950dress



I’ll add as a side note that Cinderella is my all time favorite Disney movie. I’m a little obsessed. And I think I totally have my own Prince Charming. But let’s do a little throw back to my high school prom dress that the hubby hated. Resemblance anyone?!

High School Prom, 2005

High School Prom, 2005

If I could fit into that dress now, and combine it with his very sexy Dress Blues, we’re totally be a spitting image of Cinderella and Prince Charming. Rah.


Anyways back to the topic here….let’s take a look at Lady Tremaine and step sisters…


And finally the Fairy Godmother herself.


I could go on for so much longer about this movie but — go see it for yourself! I will be buying this as soon as it comes out and honestly I will probably go see it again when it comes out at the theater on base.

Have you seen it yet? Will you? Why or why not? Share your Cinderella thoughts below. Or share your thoughts on something else you’ve seen recently!


40 bags in 40 days, Week 4 update

So last week was a disaster, I mentioned that in my last post.

The last week hasn’t been a whole lot better but I did make up for it today and yesterday! Here is what my list currently looks like:


I have one task left that I need to catch up on. Not only did I catch up on everything but one task, I even did a few ahead of time! Maybe the nesting thing is finally kicking in?! And, have we all noticed….I’m more than halfway done with my challenge!

The one task that I just flat out didn’t finish this week was filing all of my paperwork away. I absolutely hate filing all that stuff so I let it pile up for weeks months and then do a huge stack at once. So that’s left on the list. Yes I know this isn’t decluttering as in purging…but it really is. I broke it up into two days so I didn’t get overwhelmed. I don’t always open statements and things so I went through and made sure I got all the junk out, opened everything and re-piled it nicely. So that is still on my to do list — mainly because I’m avoiding it because I just really don’t want to do it. It’s a really big pile…

I did purge an office trash can full of stuff, so I definitely made some progress! And it looks almost organized in the office aka man cave.

But that was my one missed task of the week. I did a bunch today so I’ll highlight my favorite accomplishments!

I cleaned out ALL the cupboards in all three of my bathroom’s today and was able to purge a ton of stuff, so I’m quite proud of that accomplishment. I got rid of a trash bag, between expired medicines, bath products I don’t use anymore and just other stuff that I’ve been hoarding, it felt really good!

All in a days work (or two!) getting my purge on!

All in a days work (or two!) getting my purge on!

Plus I have a small pile of stuff to add to my donation items also. Things I don’t use, things I’ve upgraded, things I somehow have three of, etc. Bonus,all of the cupboards are neatly organized now!

I jumped ahead and already finished Thursday’s task which was getting all of our recycling out, breaking down boxes, clearing up a corner of the garage, so I’m ahead there by a day. Since we are getting so much baby stuff sent to us, I could build a box fort. My cat would love that.

Another item on my list (not for another week!) was to clean out and declutter my email inbox, that’s done. I was bored last night and it seemed like a good idea. Lastly, I also checked up on, as well as organized our finances and budget.

I’m feeling really accomplished now!

So while I am still a little behind I have three days in the next couple weeks that are already taken care of. Small victories people, small victories!

How goes your declutter challenge? Or any other challenge you might be working on?


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I was hoping for a much more in depth post with some delicious food and goodies, but traveling and my cold and everything else has taken it’s toll on my energy and abilities. By happenstance I had no one to cook for today so that also hindered me in doing much work in the kitchen.

Instead I’ll share some of my favorite recipes I’ve made on past St. Patrick’s Day.

Now one thing to know about my husband is he LOVES beer. And he loves Guinness. So a few years ago I found this recipe and made it for him, so now it’s become a St. Patrick’s Day staple. I am not a huge fan of Guinness, but this Guinness Mousse Recipe is killer. It does take awhile to make and set but really worth it!

Another super easy one are Lucky Charms Treats. They’re like your basic rice krispy treat…but with Lucky Charms! Who doesn’t love something that’s magically delicious?


Last year I made these Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies that were really good! They turned out shaped a little funny but they were still tasty!

Lastly, a few delicious beverages. Personally I love me some green beer aka Bud Light with food coloring. It tastes better when it’s green in my opinion.

IMG_4286 <– from last year’s festivities with some great girls, in Honolulu.

For the non-drinking types I made green koolaid mixed with sprite….which I also spilled all over my truck. But what didn’t spill was yummy!

That’s all I have for you today, check out my St. Patrick’s Day recipe board on Pinterest.

What are you some your favorite “Green” treats and recipes, share in the comments below!

Hope you all have a great St. Patty’s day, drink a beer for me!