US Women’s Roster Announced for World Cup

I am counting down the days until the Fifa World Cup in Canada this year. (50 if you were wondering)

Check out the roster here.

Look at some of the birth dates on there, Christie Rampone and Shannon Boxx are in their late 30s. I grew up watching them and I’m so excited little man will be here to watch the World Cup with me this year! I know he won’t remember it…but I’m so glad I get to share it with him!


Super-awesome Saints themed baby shower!

Last week my military family threw what is quite possibly, in my totally biased opinion, the sweetest shower ever.

They kept it a complete surprise from me. At some point they did tell me what day the shower was on…but I didn’t even know the time until the morning of. A couple people text me and said they had received an invitation and it was the cutest thing they’d ever seen and I’m inclined to agree.

For anyone who doesn’t know me there are a few things I’m seriously passionate about. Those would be (in no particular order) my pets, my husband, Disney, Harry Potter, glitter, pink things, penguins and my sports teams: Sacramento Kings, Boston Red Sox and the New Orleans Saints. I’m pretty obsessed over all of these.

So they surprised me with a football and Saints inspired baby shower.

Ignore my terrible job of blurring out important info.

Ignore my terrible job of blurring out important info.

Cutest Sign Ever

Football banner!

Wishes for baby

Delicious and football themed treats! Football brownies, cupcakes and deviled eggs. Also popcorn, BBQ little smokies ( a favorite of mine!) and veggies. I love me some football food!

Football brownies and cupcakesFootball Cupcakes

Football Deviled EggsYum

Bun-less ovensAll the football things

Another really cool thing these lovely gals cooked up was having a football for baby that all of the attendees signed in gold sharpie. When I told my husband about it later he was all excited that baby boy got his first football!

Baby's first Autographs

Among games like baby shower bingo and a super cute name that baby animal game, they embraced my love of football and my desire to cloth diaper with a “put a cloth diaper on a football” relay race. My team won. :)

Cloth Diapering a football

It was such a great day! I’d had a really rough week and my friends reminded me how lucky I am! I can never thank these three girls enough for their love and support over the last nine months. They are simply amazing.

Sweetest people ever!

And thank you everyone who came to join in the football fun! You are all so amazingly sweet and I am lucky to know you! (Sorry we missed you in this picture Lindsay!)

Awesome people!

Baby and I are feeling all kinds of love. Thank you all so much!!


Plum Paper Planner review – getting my life organized!

I don’t know about you but I always have to carry around a planner….I have a terrible memory and I am so guilty of scheduling three different things on the same day at the same time. My life would be a total disaster if I didn’t have one.

So in the past I have had a little Target planner. I usually just use the monthly overview section and then I can do a quick look at what’s happening when. But I realized that wasn’t quite working for me. I was using my phone for other things, I had a house cleaning chart on my fridge, I’d printed out a packet of stuff to keep track of my blog, etc.

And a few of my friends introduced to me to the Erin Condren Life Planners. So I checked them out and wow. Just wow. They are pretty amazing. They are colorful, bright and multi-faceted.

As I kept looking, another friend introduced me to Plum Paper Designs. And I stared at the two of them for a couple days, I couldn’t decide. They both did several things that the other didn’t. I really wished I could have customized one to be EXACTLY right but I didn’t have all those options available.

So I ended up going with this little beauty from Plum Paper.

Plum Paper Planner

It took about two weeks to process and then since shipping stuff to Hawaii is such a pain, it took another two weeks. I finally got it at the beginning of this month and I’m obsessed. I’m still learning how to properly set it up so I maybe that’s a post for another day!

I transferred everything out of my little Target planner and am all reorganized in this one. My Target planner I could easily throw in my purse and pull it out on a moment’s notice. This planner is beast….it does fit in my purse (Ok I carry a HUGE purse) but it definitely makes it heavy so I haven’t figure that out quite yet. I’ve been just carrying it into places with me, along with my water bottle so I can refer to it if needed.


One main reason I decided to go with Plum Paper over Erin Condren was that Erin Condren was January – December 2015. I ordered my planner in the first week of March. So I was a little bothered by spending $50 (at the time) on a planner where two months were completely useless and by the time I received it, March would be nearly over.

Plum Paper allowed you to choose what month your planner started on and still gave you a full 12 months from then on. So I chose to have mine starting in April 2015 and then I added the option to get an extra three months, so mine goes until June 2016.

There were definitely a few things EC had that I really wanted that Plum Paper didn’t have. One was a cover that you could switch in and out, that’s pretty cool. Another was a zip-lock pocket that you could store things in and it came with some thank you cards and gift tags. I use a bunch (ok 10) different colored pens on my planner to color coordinate certain types of events so having this zip pouch would have been great to store those in. It also comes with a clear snap in ruler to help you figure out what page you are on (aka a bookmark).

Those were some things that kept me going back and forth between EC. Price was one of the biggest factors in my choice of Plum Paper over EC. Plus I didn’t want to waste any months, I think that ended up being my tipping point to go with Plum Paper.

Note there are a TON of reviews out there between EC and Plum Paper, along with videos and more from people who have used both.


The planner itself from Plum Paper was $31 and the additional 3 months added $5. So I basically got $2.40/month with Plum Paper where EC was about $4.16. However let’s call it three wasted months with EC it would have been $5.55/month. That was a big deal for me. I could have waited on an EC planner (they are now selling for $30 because it’s nearly mid April). And I believe in June they come out with an 18-month planner.

Along with my order of a 15 month planner, I added a Blog section, a Fitness Section and a Home Planning section. I am also a major list person so I had extra to-do lists placed throughout the entire planner. And I ordered some extra stickers. So for everything, plus shipping I spent $64.25.

So what exactly did I get for my money? Here’s some pictures inside my pretty planner!

Here’s a view with all 18 of my tabs, 15 months plus Home, Blog and Fitness.

Planner Tabs

Here is a two page spread of the next years, the next page is the same thing of 2016. Somewhere in here is a list of all the dates of holidays for 2015/2016 also.


The tab for each month is colorful, like so.


And this is the monthly overview for each month.


One really cool thing about Plum Paper that is the different kinds of set ups you can have for your weekly overview. I chose to have each day broken down into Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

Weekly ViewClose Up Weekly View

Plum Paper allows you to choose this view, or to do a blank list with lines or to have it broken down into 30 minute increments. Or you can choose to not have the weekly spread in it and all and it will just have lined note pages in between monthly views. Check out their Etsy shop to see what each of these options would look like!

Another option, which sounds cool and I would maybe do in a few years when my son is older, is a family planner. It shows the weekly view but it has a section for each person in the family. So you could have all of your stuff, your husbands stuff and your kids stuff with their own fancy little row. I don’t have a need for that right now but I like the idea. Those cost just a little more at $35 for 12 months.

Here’s some other pages from the planner:

PicMonkey Collage

And some accessories, stickers (I ordered extra) and a double sided pocket that came with a thank you card and congratulations card.

StickersPocket and cards

There’s even more in this planner that I haven’t even discussed! It pretty much has everything I could need in here. As I mentioned earlier, EC came with a snap in ruler and I was definitely wishing I had something like that so I could easily flip to the week I’m on. One of my friends mentioned they had some on Etsy. Another friend found they make a ton of stickers so after so major online shopping I found a ton of fun stuff. I’ll be ordering one of these (and stickers) today!

Do you have a fancy planner? What do you love about it? Contact me if you have any questions about my awesome comment here, fine me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram @theknnlife


40 bags in 40 days, final update!


Thank you to those who followed along with my 40 Bags in 40 Days decluttering challenge from White House Black Shutters.

The last date scheduled on my list was April 4th. I took a couple extra days to finish it up because I was feeling a little exhausted but I’m finally done!

With my last few days I cleaned out all the junk in my truck and deleted about a billion emails from my 5 email accounts.

I also reorganized our desks and purged some office supplies that we never use, were broken, have been updated, etc.

I did quite a bit of work on some meal planning and prepping to make freezer meals in a couple weeks. (If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!) Trying to get things ready and simple for when the little man gets here so all I have to do is heat and eat!

Some fun mail came last week in the form of a fancy new planner from Plum Paper Designs on Etsy so I basically got my entire life reorganized. I’ll be posting about this amazing planner later on this week.

I did a big purge on my fridge and freezer, got rid of any and all expired salad dressings, condiments, etc. I went back through my junk drawer and basket on the counter where stuff seems to accumulate. I’ve done a decent job of keeping that organized so that task was a breeze.

Finally I straightened up my closest that’s under the stairs (again) and made it so I could store some baby items in there that he won’t need until he’s older.

This challenge was a decent success! I know I could have stayed on top of things a little bit better and stuck to my schedule more strictly. Regardless of my motivational deficiencies, after 40 days I can definitely tell a difference in my house. I would estimate that I purged at least 15 full trash bags of stuff, between items to donate and junk that needed to be thrown out!

This gives me a head start on my upcoming move this summer, as well as make room for our new addition and all of his goodies!

How’d you do with your challenge? Share in the comments below! I’ll definitely be doing this again next spring. Now off to find a new challenge!


Baby Shower and trip to California

So it’s about time I posted this!

A month ago I traveled back to California to have a baby shower with my family and friends that still live in the area.

In a word, it was — wonderful.

I got to see nearly all of the people I love and miss the most.


I was so honored that so many people came to join and celebrate and visit with me. Some I’m lucky enough to see once or twice a year and others I haven’t seen in nearly four or five years so it was truly a great day.


My grandmother, who lives in Southern California, made the trip with my Aunt and cousin to fly north for just 24 hours to attend. I cannot express how truly blessed I felt to have them there.


Thank you to the wonderful people who took the time to throw this shower for me, as well as to those who attended. I love you all so much! I’m excited for you all to meet the little guy someday!


These are just a few of the wonderful people who were there….I could have made an entire ‘I love all the people pictures post’ … but I’ll reign it in.

I also got to spend a little quality time with my awesome parents.

My dad cheated at Jenga….


And my mom and I got to watch him play hockey.


I also go my very favorite food (La Bou!) And got to see where the new Kings’ arena is being built. Can’t wait to see my boys play there some day! #herewestay


It was a very short trip but it was amazing. I cannot believe the next time I visit my hometown I’ll have a brand new tiny person with me!