Last Night Was a Good Night

There are some things that seem so distant, so unreachable, that you can never fully picture them.

You can’t visualize what something will be like because it seems so impossible.

But luckily for me, I had one of those magical, unreachable moments happen last night.

Every night when my husband is home, we put our sweet little guy to bed together.

Tonight I put him in jammies, we brushed his teeth and took him into his room. W read to him while I tried to snuggle him in his bed. Just like we do each night, but we swap, one reads while one stays.

But tonight L seemed like he wanted us both, so W laid down next to the bed so neither one of us had to leave him.

L wiggled and scooted around like he always does. But then…our Itty-Bitty started kicking. The strongest kicks I’ve felt with this pregnancy, high by my rib cage. I didn’t move for a moment, enjoying the happy baby.

I finally thought to get my husband’s attention, and he rested his hand there, and behold! A kick!  W hadn’t felt kicks like this yet. He’d been deployed almost my entire first pregnancy, coming home just days before the c-section. He’d felt movement then but not kicks like this.

This is never a position I thought I’d be in. Having my husband home is a novelty in itself it seems like. But cuddling with our sweet angel of a boy while he drifts off to sleep, while our second little miracle bounces around happily.

Thank goodness for these two little miracles we never thought we’d have.

Birthday Recap: World of Color

For my birthday, my husband was super awesome and planned a whole evening for me! We also got a baby sitter, which we NEVER do.

So he surprised me and took  me to Disney!

I will say, we had a shaky start at the beginning. We left our house an hour before our reservation time, only to hit insane traffic. So we called Disney Dining and explained the situation. They said the restaurant will wait 15 minutes and then it’s at the restaurant discretion if they seat us when we get there or we lose our spot.

20 minutes later we knew 15 minutes wasn’t enough so we called back in a slight panic. We asked them to tell the restaurant we were parking, so we’d be there as quickly as the shuttle and security gates allowed.

Disney Dining pulled through, contacted the restaurant and we still had our spot available.

We headed into California Adventure for a 3 course meal at Carthay Circle Restaurant. I’d never been here before. I’d seen the building but I had no idea what it was or that there was an entire restaurant, bar and lounge inside.


What we found was a fun atmosphere, old school movie and Hollywood themed (which makes total sense).

Particularly awesome? Besides the ambiance, food and great company was the World of Color Package that came with it! We got to pick what show we wanted to go to, 9 or 10:15 that night. After dinner they handed us a special voucher for reserved seating for the World of Color show!

Check out more info on World of Color here! The Diamond Days Celebration ends September 5th, so check it out while you can, it’s definitely worth it.

Our special seating (we were standing) was really cool! We were close enough to get sprayed by the water and feel the heat of the pyrotechnics but we didn’t get soaked. Our seats were near the Little Mermaid ride and we had a great view of all of Paradise Pier and the show. Even if you don’t do a special dining and reserved seat experience, it’s still worth going! We did hear a Cast member say the other side of the bay tended to be less crowded.

Wondering what exactly the World of Color is? It’s a special night time show done over the water at Paradise Pier. Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse are the “hosts” of the event, and it is truly charming!

It was a great birthday AND our little guy did great for the baby sitter to boot!

And when you’re not looking…

So I’ve been sitting on this post for a few months now because I wasn’t sure I even believed what was happening.

After all the struggles we went through to have our sweet L, we knew we would start thinking about a sibling sooner rather than later.

So in March I called a fertility clinic out here, since obviously we’d have to switch since the move from Hawaii.

We had an appointment scheduled for mid-May. I wasn’t sure I was ready to go through that process again, to put L through it. I didn’t like how I felt on Follistim and I hated the person I became during cycles, counting days, timing things, watching the clock. It was exhausting and I couldn’t imagine doing that with a one year old around.

But we scheduled the appointment, wanted to see what our options would be here, and hoped that we’d be adding to our family by the end of the year.

Instead, we had a little miracle happen.

At the beginning of May, I’d been feeling awful. Short of breath, dizzy, exhausted. Just not myself. I was getting ready to call a PCM because I knew something wasn’t quite right and I was just days away from running my first half marathon.

I took a test to rule that out because I knew in my gut there was no way. Not even an option with our issues.

I was shaking and confused when I saw, very clearly, a positive.

I remember falling to my knees and sobbing. Sweet L, with no idea what was happening, came over and hugged me. As I sat there and hugged him back I said thank you over and over and over to him, for helping fix whatever was broken with me. He healed my broken heart and his existence made this possible. He changed everything for us.

Here are some photos we shared of our sweet guy, telling the world what an awesome big brother he will be!