My favorite moment from 2016

I had a lot of them.

All with L and W.

But my favorite moment by far was the moment I got to tell my husband I was pregnant.

We tried for years to have L and were under the impression we would never have children without medical intervention.

So after a couple weeks of feeling really crummy, days before my first half marathon (and Mother’s Day) I was prepared to give my doc a call to see what was up. I knew they’d ask about dates of things so I took a pregnancy test anyways – just because things were getting back on track from breastfeeding.

The shock of all shocks was that it was positive!

Never in my life did I think that would happen. I literally fell to the ground crying and my sweet little 11 month old at the time came waddling up to me for the best hug of my life.

Until my husband came home – and we got to tell him the news.​ So here is the video of my favorite moment of 2016. 

Happy New Year everyone and may 2017 bring you much joy and happiness! 

Just another manic Monday…

I know it’s not Monday, but this is how my Monday went this week.

Ever have just one of those days?

We started off great. Breakfast happened with minimal whining. Awesome. We cleaned. He didn’t break anything. Went down for a nap easily. We ran some errands.

All was well in Whoville.

And then the afternoon hit.

First I changed a diaper, didn’t wrap it up properly and dropped poop on my floor. Great. Just what I wanted to clean up.

Then the little terror destroyed everything we had cleaned up in the morning.

Next he found my wallet and hid some very important cards from me for a few hours.

And he tried to jump off the couch, causing me to dive to save him, laying on the bump – not very comfortable.

Oh, and he wanted dinner an hour earlier than I anticipated, so hot dogs for everyone instead!

Finally it was bath time which meant bedtime would be soon, because I was one tired mama.

Bath time went semi-smoothly. Mostly he threw toys out of the tub and hit me with them (while they were full of water). He squatted to grab another toy, chucked it at me. And it was a funny toy. One I hadn’t seen before. In the half second it took me to process that, wonder where the toy came from, I realized it wasn’t a toy. It was poop.

Yep I had a feces throwing monkey in the bath tub, not my sweet adorable son.

Stupid me was suddenly surprised, yelled OH SHIT (no pun intended at the moment) and scooped said monkey out of the tub to prevent any more throwing of the feces, or further contamination of this now clean little person.

Of course my yelling and scooping scared him so he sat in the corner crying while I scooped poop out of the tub.

Finally I get the poop out, take him to put on jammies and find out…he wasn’t done. Now there’s poop all over his lower half and the towel I had wrapped him in.

At this point I’d prefer to give up…but eventually get him cleaned up, dry and calm.

All without any wine to assist me, might I add.

So if you think you had a shitty day….remember this story. (yes yes I went for the cheese factor there).


Harry Potter Brought to Life in an Epic Way

Every so often I come across an idea, project, event where I think, Wow. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

One of those things is happening this weekend.

My wonderful friend Ida has created an incredible idea and it’s called the “Epic Harry Potter Party.”

This weekend (9/3 – 4 hahaha get it!?) she will be hosting around 100 people at her home in West Virginia. Her house will be almost completely decked out in true Harry Potter fashion to have a weekend long movie marathon.

Being nearly across the country and 5 months pregnant I’m unable to attend but Ida has been amazing at making sure my husband, L and myself are all included. I actually cried when I received my acceptance letter to Hogwarts. It’s literally everything I hoped it would be. Included in our letters, along with our supply list was a Sorting Questionnaire to sort everyone into their respective houses.

After everyone was sorted, Ida sent sorting packages out to everyone with a sticker of each person’s house crest (I got Gryffindor!!!) and the cutest Howler I’ve ever seen.

Sorting Packages

Sorting Packages


At the party itself, those in attendance will compete for the House Cup. Ida is in Ravenclaw, in case you were wondering (I was!).

I wanted to write this great blog post about all the amazing things Ida’s doing and tell you all about it. But after chatting with her a bit I can’t describe it any better than she has. She has put so much energy and pure love into this project that I want you to hear it from her! So here’s a little Q&A Ida and I did last week about the Epic Harry Potter Party.

Kayla: Where did the idea come from?

Ida: Last year during a rather stressful semester back to school for the first time in eight years, I decided to sit down and have a movie marathon with some friends during Easter break. I guess the idea sparked from there. I kept thinking how awesome it would be to host a Harry Potter marathon party with my just as obsessed HP friends and one day on my way home it came to me. I kept thinking about numbers that were significant to the brand, Harry Potter’s Birthday, Start of Term for Hogwarts, Page 394, etc. Just when I was getting frustrated 9 3/4 popped in my head, so I looked at the calendar and low and behold September 3rd and 4th was not only a weekend, but a holiday weekend.

Kayla: What sparked your love of Harry Potter?

Ida: Unlike most I did not take to Harry Potter immediately, in fact, I tried to avoid the obsession all together. When I did finally pick up the first book I could barely get past the first chapter and decided it wasn’t for me. Then, when the Sorcerer’s Stone came out in theaters I went to see it with a group of friends. I fell in love with the movie and made up my mind to give the books another try. Once I was able to move past that first chapter and really dive in, I became completely enamored in the world of Harry Potter. One of my friends and I were creating fan fiction before we even knew what it was, casting spells, brewing potions, and truly believing we’d receive our letter if we just believed.

Kayla: Do you identify with any particular character?

Ida: When I was younger I identified with Hermione, I loved to read, studied hard, and my grades reflected that. I now identify with Luna Lovegoood with her creativity and uniqueness in addition to her intelligence.

Kayla: What was your favorite project to work on and why?

Ida: I’ve really loved the entire process, but making the invitations was probably the best. Everyone deserves an acceptance letter, even if it’s multiple years late and/or early. This is probably why I sent one to myself. I only wish I could have hired a couple owls instead of using the muggle postal service.

Kayla: What highlights will you be showcasing at the party?

Ida: I’ve included so many details, but some have been left out due to time and money constraints. For some reason a triple decker bus is nearly impossible to find. Just for a small idea included will be the Leaky Cauldron, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts Express, Quidditch Pitch, The Great Hall, The Room of Requirement, Hogwarts Portraits, and much, much more.

Kayla: Can you share with us the charity aspect of the party?

Ida: The interest grew so quickly around the party that I decided after watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (for the gazillionth time) that I had to include a clothing fundraiser to FREE HOUSELVES EVERYWHERE! My inner Hermione took over and everyone loved the idea. I started searching for a local charity that could benefit and that’s when I found the Shenandoah Women’s Center ( I messaged them directly to make sure they could handle such a large donation and explained our plans. I was so lucky to find another HP fan on the other side of the email, she loved the idea and even said “[it] may be the best idea for donations [they’ve] ever gotten!” In addition to the clothing donations, we are also taking donations and selling tickets (all proceeds go to the charity) for the wood burning my mom did of the Hogwarts Crest. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together and I’m really hoping they can benefit greatly from it.


Ida said she’ll give me a tour of the place via Skype prior to all the festivities this weekend, and I can’t wait to see it! If you want to check out more, the hashtag is #epicpotterparty (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). and you can see more on my blog post party in the next couple weeks!

As a little sneak peak, check out their home-brewed Butterbeer and handmade wands!