And when you’re not looking…

So I’ve been sitting on this post for a few months now because I wasn’t sure I even believed what was happening.

After all the struggles we went through to have our sweet L, we knew we would start thinking about a sibling sooner rather than later.

So in March I called a fertility clinic out here, since obviously we’d have to switch since the move from Hawaii.

We had an appointment scheduled for mid-May. I wasn’t sure I was ready to go through that process again, to put L through it. I didn’t like how I felt on Follistim and I hated the person I became during cycles, counting days, timing things, watching the clock. It was exhausting and I couldn’t imagine doing that with a one year old around.

But we scheduled the appointment, wanted to see what our options would be here, and hoped that we’d be adding to our family by the end of the year.

Instead, we had a little miracle happen.

At the beginning of May, I’d been feeling awful. Short of breath, dizzy, exhausted. Just not myself. I was getting ready to call a PCM because I knew something wasn’t quite right and I was just days away from running my first half marathon.

I took a test to rule that out because I knew in my gut there was no way. Not even an option with our issues.

I was shaking and confused when I saw, very clearly, a positive.

I remember falling to my knees and sobbing. Sweet L, with no idea what was happening, came over and hugged me. As I sat there and hugged him back I said thank you over and over and over to him, for helping fix whatever was broken with me. He healed my broken heart and his existence made this possible. He changed everything for us.

Here are some photos we shared of our sweet guy, telling the world what an awesome big brother he will be!

It’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day….

And I’ve done nothing!

Usually I’d make a desert, try a new recipe or something, but I’m totally unprepared this year.

Having a kid has mad me pretty useless but L and I survive each day mostly unscathed so I feel like that’s a win.

What are your favorite kid projects, or kid crafts St. Patty’s day related? I want to do something cute with the little guy!

That Time I couldn’t make scrambled eggs

Because I hadn’t slept for more than 2.5 hours straight in weeks.

Seriously, how do you mess up scrambled eggs? I can see if they were burnt. But they weren’t! They were just….wrong.

And yesterday I put a box of cereal in the fridge.

I don’t know what this kid’s end game is…but it’s working.

Happy Thursday everyone!


He’s like the Energizer Bunny….


Someone explain to me how this kid has so much energy! He wakes up every 2-3 hours all night for an average of 9-10 hours a night. He sleeps 3-4 hours total a day.

Yet when he is awake, he never. stops. moving.

There is no downtime. If I have the TV it’s not like he stops to watch. I don’t even think if I turned on a kid show or cartoons he would watch, he wasn’t interested the one time I tried it.

If he could walk or bounce, I think he would bouncing off the walls. I lost him in my house today he crawled off so quickly.

No joke. I changed him, took his diaper to the diaper pail as he followed me. I stepped into his room to leave the diaper, turned around and BAM! Gone.

And silence.

He had doubled back, gone into another room and was wreaking havoc in there. And man is he fast.

And here I am, dragging myself out of bed, propping my eyelids open until my coffee kicks in, and the jonesing for more caffeine at 1 p.m. And 2 p.m.  OK all day.

And here is like a crazy person, like a kid given too much sugar at a carnival. And I think to myself, he’s got to be exhausted….so he’ll sleep tonight, right? Tonight’s the night. Only to be very clearly informed by the yelling and the rocking on all 4’s just two hours later that no. Tonight will in fact, not be the night.

Now excuse me while I chase down my tiny child and find some sugar to keep me awake.