Homecoming Take 2!

So the hubby returned from his second deployment about two weeks ago. Yay!!

I was pretty exhausted this time around with being 39 weeks pregnant so I didn’t make it a huge deal like I would have liked to but I tried to do a little bit!

I got a bunch of his favorite snacks, his milk, cereal, etc. so he would have all his creature comforts.

He left for training a week before I found out we were pregnant. He was gone for about 8 weeks and returned home for weeks 11 to 17. We found out the gender two days before he deployed.

When he left I was still skinny, trying to pretend that some bloat was really a baby bump, even though I didn’t “pop” for another six weeks or so.

So in honor of his return, and the whole him missing a lot of things, that inspired these. I made two signs, one to go in front of the house and the other to take with me to the airport. My mom posed as the photographer for this go-round. I also found a pretty cute maternity dress that I thought showed off the bump, since he had never seen it in person!

In front of the house I posted this:  IMG_1436

Kind of hard to read but says: You’re getting’ 1 hyper dog, 1 needy cat, 1 Mama ready to pop, 1 baby ready to be born. Welcome home! (Home is actually a sad drawing of our house.)

I know it’s not beautiful but I tried to paint this on the back of our truck bed…with a huge basketball like belly in my way, so it is what it is!

Pinterest sort of failed me with signs and quotes, I had a hard time finding ones that were specific to my situation. There were a lot of come meet your baby signs, but the baby was still four days away so that wouldn’t work!

Here’s the other sign I made, and this came to the airport with me.


More posts to come later but I thought I’d share my fun signs! I seriously don’t have an artistic bone in my body so this is pretty much as good as it gets for me!

Have a good weekend!


You Are Not Alone – Pregnancy PTSD

My husband and I have been saying for months maybe a year…that we have PTSD when it comes pregnancy and trying to get pregnant.

I came across this article and it definitely struck home with me.

That why at almost 37 weeks pregnant I’m still advocating for those with infertility and working with the Bloggers Unite Challenge to spread awareness.

For me, infertility and a miscarriage are something that will never leave me. For awhile I felt it was all that I was. Now I’ve been able to step back a little and move forward with my life. I realized it is a major part of who I am and has definitely changed me, but it is not all that I am.

I am not defined by infertility.

There were so many days during this pregnancy where I’d ask my husband….is this real? But what if…? And he would remind me that thinking like that wouldn’t get me anywhere.

Someone once told me that no matter what happened in this past, today I was pregnant and I loved my baby very much. I couldn’t change what tomorrow would or would not bring.

That has really stayed with me.

I made every possible attempt to enjoy each second of this pregnancy, pleasant or not exactly. The first few kicks, even the queasiness that the first trimester brought. Yes I’ve been exhausted for the last 37 weeks but it is the happiest exhaustion I have ever known.

But so much fear happened in those first few weeks. It’s like we held our breath to make it to the first ultrasound and hear a heartbeat…we’d never done that before. And then we held our breath to make it to six weeks. Then we would wait for each appointment, holding our breath until the heartbeat was again confirmed.

At our 12 week appointment I cried when we saw him pop up on the screen moving and wiggling and heard that nice strong heartbeat. It was the first time my husband had gotten to see him and I will never forget that huge smile on his face.

That day was the first time I thought…maybe this really work.

I cried the entire time at our 17 week appointment as my heart overflowed with love at this little human growing healthy and strong.

But even so, I would still have those moments of panic where I would realize I haven’t felt him move in awhile…is he OK?

I was too terrified to exercise early on because I was afraid of hurting him. There are some food restrictions they give you during pregnancy and even when I craved something that was quite “OK” I was terrified. What if I was the idiot who did something wrong?

And even now I wish I could just check on him and make sure he’s OK in there. I had hoped as things progressed I’d eventually feel relief…but I don’t think I will until my husband is by my side holding our baby for the very first time.

I never realized how infertility and miscarriage could completely change your life but it can.


Super-awesome Saints themed baby shower!

Last week my military family threw what is quite possibly, in my totally biased opinion, the sweetest shower ever.

They kept it a complete surprise from me. At some point they did tell me what day the shower was on…but I didn’t even know the time until the morning of. A couple people text me and said they had received an invitation and it was the cutest thing they’d ever seen and I’m inclined to agree.

For anyone who doesn’t know me there are a few things I’m seriously passionate about. Those would be (in no particular order) my pets, my husband, Disney, Harry Potter, glitter, pink things, penguins and my sports teams: Sacramento Kings, Boston Red Sox and the New Orleans Saints. I’m pretty obsessed over all of these.

So they surprised me with a football and Saints inspired baby shower.

Ignore my terrible job of blurring out important info.

Ignore my terrible job of blurring out important info.

Cutest Sign Ever

Football banner!

Wishes for baby

Delicious and football themed treats! Football brownies, cupcakes and deviled eggs. Also popcorn, BBQ little smokies ( a favorite of mine!) and veggies. I love me some football food!

Football brownies and cupcakesFootball Cupcakes

Football Deviled EggsYum

Bun-less ovensAll the football things

Another really cool thing these lovely gals cooked up was having a football for baby that all of the attendees signed in gold sharpie. When I told my husband about it later he was all excited that baby boy got his first football!

Baby's first Autographs

Among games like baby shower bingo and a super cute name that baby animal game, they embraced my love of football and my desire to cloth diaper with a “put a cloth diaper on a football” relay race. My team won. 🙂

Cloth Diapering a football

It was such a great day! I’d had a really rough week and my friends reminded me how lucky I am! I can never thank these three girls enough for their love and support over the last nine months. They are simply amazing.

Sweetest people ever!

And thank you everyone who came to join in the football fun! You are all so amazingly sweet and I am lucky to know you! (Sorry we missed you in this picture Lindsay!)

Awesome people!

Baby and I are feeling all kinds of love. Thank you all so much!!


Baby Shower and trip to California

So it’s about time I posted this!

A month ago I traveled back to California to have a baby shower with my family and friends that still live in the area.

In a word, it was — wonderful.

I got to see nearly all of the people I love and miss the most.


I was so honored that so many people came to join and celebrate and visit with me. Some I’m lucky enough to see once or twice a year and others I haven’t seen in nearly four or five years so it was truly a great day.


My grandmother, who lives in Southern California, made the trip with my Aunt and cousin to fly north for just 24 hours to attend. I cannot express how truly blessed I felt to have them there.


Thank you to the wonderful people who took the time to throw this shower for me, as well as to those who attended. I love you all so much! I’m excited for you all to meet the little guy someday!


These are just a few of the wonderful people who were there….I could have made an entire ‘I love all the people pictures post’ … but I’ll reign it in.

I also got to spend a little quality time with my awesome parents.

My dad cheated at Jenga….


And my mom and I got to watch him play hockey.


I also go my very favorite food (La Bou!) And got to see where the new Kings’ arena is being built. Can’t wait to see my boys play there some day! #herewestay


It was a very short trip but it was amazing. I cannot believe the next time I visit my hometown I’ll have a brand new tiny person with me!


DIY: Nursery Closet Dividers

So I will never ever admit to being crafty. I am the person who cannot cut straight or draw a straight line even if I have a pencil, ruler and graph paper.

One of my biggest parenting fears is the day my kid comes home with an art project and asks for my help and the hubby is away. I think I would rather help with math than art. It’s bad.

But I always WANT to make stuff. So my desire outweighs my lack of talent.

So last night I made my own dividers for the nursery closet.

Mostly I stole some ideas off of Pinterest and just went with it.

So I took a a big cereal box, one of the double boxes from Costco (Cinnamon Toast Crunch in case you were wondering) and cut that in half to make it easier to work with. I got two circles per panel so I only used 3/4 of the box. Most important part here is to make sure you have a helper – it makes the process go that much slower.


Then I took a CD and traced around it and made six cardboard discs.


Then I put a Keurig cup facedown in the middle to make the center hole.


Next I did the same with alternating chevron papers that I purchased at Michaels when I was on the mainland last week.


I used my hot glue gun, because I couldn’t find any other glue and was too lazy to go upstairs, to glue the paper onto the cereal box.


Lastly I used a sharpie and wrote the sizes (ages) onto them.


They are definitely not perfect, the cardboard was really hard to get a smooth cut on because it was pretty thick. And the glue gun made the glue a little bulgy so it didn’t lie very flat.

But overall I think they turned out cute (especially for my lack of skill). They also match the bedding we’ve picked out. They are a little bigger in circumference than what fits in this closet, but we should be moving by the end of the year so I didn’t worry about it too much.