Bachelor Premiere -Pt 1

Because it’s raining outside, my kid is sick and I’m not watching with my friends… Here is my Bachelor Ramblings.

Am I the only one who isn’t gaga over Ben?

Lauren the flight attendant- the beach is my happy place too! #yourfriendsareweird I like her dress – the wings are cute, cheesy but cute.

Caila- that is a terrible way to spell a great name. Really terrible. And she’s seems a little crazy…please rep that name well. At least she wore sparkles.

Jubilee? Too much military focus-I blame the producers. Pick up lines…not sold.

Mandi – crazy eyes. That’s all I have to say. Flower is creepy. She’s creepy. Pollinate. Yikes.

Twins….. Ratings anyone? But their dresses were fab.

Amanda – Her kids are super cute!

Tiara – chicken enthusiast? Ummmm. Kay. Someone should introduce her to Chris……Disneyland reference at least. She was less crazy than her intro.

Sam – I like her white swimsuit cover. And yay for passing the BAR! Legal briefs haha.

Jennifer – Ben & Jen – over played.

Jami – Knows Kaitlyn? And that was aca-awkward.

Lace – odd name. First kiss…meh. Judging people. Clearly I can’t say anything haha.

Lauren R – creeper. Stay off social media. And no name.

Shushana – hahaha.

Leah – love the dress – not the hike.

Jojo- unicorn head was real creepy.

Lauren H – bouquet was kinda cute.

Laura – ginger power!!! Love the dress!

Maegan – I like her pony!

Breanne – gluten is satan. I can’t even.

Izzy – onesie. No. Just no.

Rachel – undecided on the dress.

….Lace is a mess.

Jessica – like the dress!

Lauren LB – pink! And my goodness so many Lauren’s.

Jackie- save the date…. Huh.

Olivia – love the sparkles!!!! I drew on the dimple hahahaha

I love that he called his parents! Cute. Staged maybe? But cute.


Second half will be in another post since I’m rambling about nothing right now.

December 1st

Wow! The last month of the year…of the best year of my life.

The last few months have absolutely flown by!

I’m going to attempt to savor each and every day of the rest of the year (not that I don’t anyways). But still, my goal is to try and do a 25 Days of Christmas with him.

Any suggestions on something to do with the little guy everyday? I have a few in mind but not 25!

Share some ideas with me. ­čÖé

Babies and technology

These two things are not a good combo! L keeps me so busy I don’t have much time to write. When I do it’s from my ipad and that just takes forever.

My laptop died nearly a year ago. W’s is almost dead. That leaves the desktop which is hard when my hands are full of wiggly baby.

My cell phone is also dead, I dropped it one too many times. But the fatal drop at least came at Disneyland, so how can you be all that mad?

We took L there for the first time yesterday. It was ridiculously hot so we made it a short day.

Pictures to come later when I can get them off of my poor phone.

Hope everyone is having a great end of the week. Enjoy the weekend and…FOOTBALL!


Planner Addiction

A few months ago I posted about my beautiful planner I bought from Plum Paper Designs.

This month I signed up for a monthly kit from Ink & Wink. I received my kit yesterday so I wanted to share what was in it!

10611228_442894195898195_1546365412_n 11357754_728123183980960_1965997610_n

I love the concept of the kit so far. The Wink Kit was $23/month and you have to be given an invitation to join.

There are some cool things in the kit, like two rolls of washi tape. One is gold glitter, the other is clear with pink Eiffel Towers in the center of the strip. Washi tape is fun, I just don’t quite know how to use it yet!

There were also some stickers, one larger page and one smaller, both wedding themed. I will use them to decorate┬ámy calendar when I’ll be attending my college roommates wedding (yay!)


Other items included were a small stationary booklet, a heart shaped sticky note pad, a heart shaped die-cut, clothes pins that look like cats, index tabs, a packet of tea, some white masking stickers, and a couple other single stickers.


According to the Ink and Wink web site this is their third month of business, so I can’t wait to see what else they have in store in the next few months!