Bachelor Premiere Pt 2

Crazy flower girl steals him before he finishes talking. And does a dental exam. He was a good sport. Please send her home.
News anchor – I hope you don’t get sent home on day 1 after leaving a great job.

Twins – too young.

House flipper – that’s cool.

Soooo why couldn’t Amber and Becca come in like everyone else? Why make it such a big deal?

I love Becca by the way. What is with this Lace chick?

Ben’s face when he saw her.

His talk with Lace was strange.

But Lace and Mandi are both nutso.

But his second chat was classy. Good job Ben but she’s crazy.

I don’t know which girl this is but the moral value chat was probably right up his alley.

First Impression to Olivia meh – not über impressed personally.

Lace is just too much.

Rose Ceremony 🌹

28 women, goon on you Ben. I’m curious if they can remember everyon’s name or if they have help.

I’m sad we didn’t get to see his one on one with the Russian gal. Does she speak any English?  He kept her so….Kay.

Lace is so obsessed with Becca. Girl. Get it together.

He kept Mandi???? Shocked.

Final rose to …… Lace. Why Ben? Why?

Poor ginger. And no name stalker. And gluten girl.

So 4 went home? Maybe?

Is Lace chastising him for not looking at her? Girl. Get it together. Dude send her home!!

That is all for now. Trashy TV, rainy day and baby snuggles.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Bachelor Premiere -Pt 1

Because it’s raining outside, my kid is sick and I’m not watching with my friends… Here is my Bachelor Ramblings.

Am I the only one who isn’t gaga over Ben?

Lauren the flight attendant- the beach is my happy place too! #yourfriendsareweird I like her dress – the wings are cute, cheesy but cute.

Caila- that is a terrible way to spell a great name. Really terrible. And she’s seems a little crazy…please rep that name well. At least she wore sparkles.

Jubilee? Too much military focus-I blame the producers. Pick up lines…not sold.

Mandi – crazy eyes. That’s all I have to say. Flower is creepy. She’s creepy. Pollinate. Yikes.

Twins….. Ratings anyone? But their dresses were fab.

Amanda – Her kids are super cute!

Tiara – chicken enthusiast? Ummmm. Kay. Someone should introduce her to Chris……Disneyland reference at least. She was less crazy than her intro.

Sam – I like her white swimsuit cover. And yay for passing the BAR! Legal briefs haha.

Jennifer – Ben & Jen – over played.

Jami – Knows Kaitlyn? And that was aca-awkward.

Lace – odd name. First kiss…meh. Judging people. Clearly I can’t say anything haha.

Lauren R – creeper. Stay off social media. And no name.

Shushana – hahaha.

Leah – love the dress – not the hike.

Jojo- unicorn head was real creepy.

Lauren H – bouquet was kinda cute.

Laura – ginger power!!! Love the dress!

Maegan – I like her pony!

Breanne – gluten is satan. I can’t even.

Izzy – onesie. No. Just no.

Rachel – undecided on the dress.

….Lace is a mess.

Jessica – like the dress!

Lauren LB – pink! And my goodness so many Lauren’s.

Jackie- save the date…. Huh.

Olivia – love the sparkles!!!! I drew on the dimple hahahaha

I love that he called his parents! Cute. Staged maybe? But cute.


Second half will be in another post since I’m rambling about nothing right now.