Luau and beach, what more do I need?

I’ve been meaning to post more recently but honestly I have just been having way too much fun!

We checked out a Luau on Sunday night – rumored to be one of the best in town, Germaine’s Luau.

I must say as we were driving in, we were pretty worried because it looked pretty sketch. But once we got there it was absolutely beautiful. We hadn’t really seen a Hawaiian sunset yet because we are on the Eastern side of the island, so we had a pretty good view, and it was amazing!

The setup of the Luau was really nice, and the sand was soft and squishy so you could walk around barefoot – which in my book is always a perk versus kicking sand around everywhere in your flippy floppies.

We got a great price; it was $42/person for all you can eat buffet, three drink tickets each, entrance in a raffle and the show.

I tried a new drink, called a Skittle, must say it was fabulous and would recommend it to anyone who likes fruity drinks!

The food was also really good. We had the traditional pig, along with Teriyaki beef that was amazing, grilled chicken, fish, Poi, Poke, Haupia, a really delicious chocolate cake, coconut cake and more! I even tried some of the pig. And they had something they called long rice with chicken, and that was really good. The rice was more like a noodle and it was completely clear and see through, it was very odd but tasted pretty good.

The show was great and hula dancers were really talented, all in all it was an awesome night!

The rest of our week has kind of been a blur. It’s been fairly windy all week so we haven’t been out at the beat a whole lot.

Wednesday we finally got to pick up the truck, it’s so nice to have our own wheels again! And Wes bought me some pink snorkel gear, so I’m pretty excited.

We have some plans this weekend to head to the beach, go to the Dole Plantation and check out Waikiki and Honolulu.

Here’s to the weekend!

I also want to say thank you so much to all the Veteran’s out there. I can’t imagine what our lives would be like without each and every one of you. Thank you for your service and for protecting our freedoms.