Panthers are NFC Champs

Because my husband is a HUGE Carolina fan, congrats to them for making it to the Superbowl!

As much as I love my team, I have watched more Panthers than the Saints this year. Mostly because I’m way too busy with a baby to sit still for that long – and my husband is a crazy fan. Crazier than I am anyways.

So he’s dominated the TV a bit and L has dominated my time.

The Panthers are a blast to watch.

I hope this year is their year, they deserve it after the smack-down against the Cardinals and a half-smack down on the Hawks.

Go Carolina and congratulations.


PS LUKE KUECHLY —- please be a Saint in the near future!!!


Welcome to Wild Card Saturday!

I wish I could say I was in for a fun filled day of some serious football watching but sadly I can’t say that because I will be at work for both of today’s games.

So I am predicting victories today for Houston and for New Orleans.

Oh how I wish I could watch the latter of those two games.

I’m not going to even attempt to predict the scores because I just suck at that but I think it’ll still be a great day of football, and more fun to come tomorrow!

What about you? Like my picks? Any score predictions?